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Custom design and manufacturing based on customer requirements:

We established our own machining centre within the manufacturing plant. Here, we not only machine components we cast ourselves, but we also design and manufacture products according to our partners’ specific requirements.

Aluminium as base material stands for the highest quality. Thus, if a customer has an idea or their own product that is not made of aluminium, but would like to have it made of aluminium, we can make it happen within 2-4 weeks. As soon as the first pieces are approved by the customer, smooth and continuous serial production can start.

If the specific technical drawing is available, we design the desired 3D model based on it. If no technical drawing is available, just an idea or a finished piece made of another material, then we prepare the drawing.

After that, we design the coquille from a casting point of view, including its individual elements and assembly.

Our machining centre produces the mould for the product with the utmost precision, which we deliver with the relevant accessories to enable the manufacturing of the specific piece.

The first pieces are then produced in our casting unit, and, after a thorough inspection, they are transferred to the next station, where inlets and feeders required for casting are removed. Here, the required holes are drilled according to the technical drawing, and finally the required surface treatment is carried out.

Your vision, our creation – View our catalogue about custom components


Our partners can choose off-the-shelf products from our catalogue as well. The casting tools for these products are always available and series of them can be ordered at any time and delivered in the shortest possible time.


Within 2-4 weeks after the order date, the ordered parts are delivered to their destination with our own logistics.