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Manufacturing of aluminium blocks:

In addition to the ready-made aluminium blocks we purchase, we also produce blocks for use in our production. We use DIN230 chemical composition.

Chemical composition analysis:

A SpectroMaxx analyser guarantees continuous control of the high-quality base material. The material composition analyser determines the composition of a given raw material to an accuracy of one tenth of one percent. This allows continuous quality to be maintained and coordinated.

Custom manufacturing and design:

Our own team of engineers designs the mould for each piece, which is manufactured in our own machining centre. Within up to 2 weeks of receiving the first designs, the customer will receive the first finished pieces.

Coquille casting:

Ordered components are poured into coquilles. Products ordered by our customers are made with utmost care and more than 30 years of experience. The aluminium block is first heated to 680-750 degrees Celsius in crucibles with a capacity of 350 kg. The temperature is controlled by a fully automatic system, so the material is always available at the desired temperature. Moulds consist of both manual and hydraulically operated tools.

Polishing, deburring, drilling, buffing, powder coating:

Burrs are removed from all castings. The entire surface is polished perfectly smooth, and the product is delivered with rough, polished, brushed, grit blasted or powder coated finish as per request. The first step is to remove the inlets and feeders from the casting. This is followed by 4 sanding processes until the surface is completely smooth. The required holes and recesses are inserted, and then the ordered surface is finished.

Machining centre:

In addition to the design and manufacturing of moulds, this is where components are machined for which tolerances are very strict and an accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre is required. Also, this is where special inclination angles, bores, countersinks, and threads are formed on the products. Our machining centre is staffed exclusively by automatic machines, allowing us to produce the most complex parts.

Grit blasting:

Here has been a growing demand for grit-blasted surfaces in recent years. These types of surfaces can facilitate further machining, such as powder coating. Parts spend on average 2-4 minutes in the machine, depending on the roughness of the surface. Not only is it an excellent base for powder coating, but it also has a significant aesthetic role.

Final cleaning, quality controlling:

Cleaning is the last but highly important stage of the production process. It involves professionally removing the auxiliary materials used in manufacturing from the completed pieces. In addition to cleaning, this department also carries out quality control, which plays an essential role in maximising customer satisfaction. After thoroughly soaking the components, we clean them. In addition to the surface, each hole and thread is given special attention to ensure that the products can be secured without hindrance by the end user.

We have been able to organise our manufacturing activity of more than three decades entirely without subcontractors, thus ensuring the right quality and on-time delivery.

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